Diverticular disease Part II: Controlling flare ups of diverticulitis with diet

A Diet high in fiber is suggested as a preventative measure in diverticular disease only when no diverticulitis (inflammation of diverticula) is present. In the case of diverticulitis, the digestive system needs a chance to rest and your diet should be adjusted.


Diet guideline

Day 1- 2

Digestion of solid foods at this stage may worsen your symptoms.

A clear liquid diet is suggested for the first few days until symptoms get better

Clear liquids include apple juice, water, tea or coffee without milk or creamer.

Enough fluids should be taken to stay hydrated.



Day 3-4

Solid low fiber foods can gradually be introduced after the liquid diet.

Low fiber foods include:

  • Low fiber cereals
  • Refined white bread or Melba toast
  • White rice
  • Refined pasta
  • Cooked fresh vegetables and fruits without the skin and seeds
  • Canned vegetables and fruits without seed
  • Ripe bananas and avocado

Milk and dairy products can be used in moderation if not lactose intolerant .

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