January 28, 2017


Frequently asked questions

Who will perform the examination ?

It will be performed by the dr. on duty personally.

Will I get a form of anesthetic?

You will receive an intravenous short acting sedative for the gastroscopy, unless you prefer to have it done without sedation (which is the safest) and for the colonoscopy or combination procedure an anesthetist will administer a stronger sedative combination , while he monitors your vitals.

Will I be able to go home after the procedure?

Yes you may go home after you are fully awake which usually takes ten to 30 minutes,but the attending nursing staff monitoring you, will first have to sign you of and see that the accompanying person/driver is present and receives some instructions on your behalf, as the sedative you’ve been given can cause short term memory loss although you may think that you are fully compos mentis and capable of driving . By law you are not allowed to drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery for another 12 hours after ┬ásedation.

When will I be able to eat after the procedure?